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The Science of Self-Healing

The Las Vegas Ayurveda Center is a Men's Health & Wellness services provider.
Specializing in Ayurveda for Men:

Prostate Health                    Low Libido                    Stress
Erectile Dysfunction            Low Testosterone         Anger
Premature Balding               Arthritis                        Depression
Digestive Disorders             Fatigue                         Anxiety
Constipation                        Diabetes                       Helplessness
Weight loss/gain                  Pain                              Loneliness  
Insomnia                              Cancer                          Aging
Hemorrhoids                        Frequent Urination       Skin Problems
Alzheimer's                          Parkinson's                   Premature Graying

To help support, improve, and restore Men's physical and mental health, 
the Las Vegas Ayurveda Center offers the following specialized services and classes:

Men's Yoga Classes                       Men's Fitness Programs
Ayurvedic Herbs & Medicine          Ayurvedic Food Solutions
Meditation Classes                        Rejuvenation Programs
Men's Life Coaching                      Men's Spiritual Counseling
Body Restore Classes                    Relationship Solutions
Career Counseling                        Business Development
Detoxification Programs               Substance Abuse Programs
Aerobics Classes                           Heart Health Programs
Organization Skill Classes             Marriage / Divorce Solutions
Fatherhood Classes                       Muscle & Body Strengthening

The Las Vegas Ayurveda Center offers Men's Life Coaching & Mentoring programs for men 
of all ages in need of guidance and direction for male / masculine specific issues.

Ayurvedic Consultations with David Jonathan, Ayurvedic Practitioner
are available by appointment: 702-715-0555

Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment
Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis
Ayurvedic Detoxification
Ayurvedic Cooking
Ayurvedic Herbs

The purpose of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy person,
and to improve the health of a sick person. Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing.

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