In the human body, Kapha is the dosha of Earth and Water. Kapha dosha resides in the lungs, tongue, plasma, lymph nodes, pancreas, synovial fluid, sinus, nose, mouth, throat, white matter and meninges of the brain, and mastic tissue.

Pitta dosha maintains the potential to remain in balance in these sites, or to become imbalanced in these sites through increase or decrease of earth and water, as well as the qualities (Gunas) of Kapha which are: heavy, slow, cold, oily, slimy, dense, soft, and static.

Ayurveda teaches that Kapha becomes imbalanced through diet, lifestyle, hereditary factors, environmental factors, misuse - overuse - and underuse of senses, exposure to cold, inactivity, excess fluid intake, and stress.

When Kapha is out of balance and left untreated, the result may be obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, goiter, congestion, sleep apnea, hallucination, boredom, worthlessness, melancholy, jealousy, polyps, sinus headaches, indigestion, cold clammy skin, poor circulation, and stress.

To balance and stimulate Kapha, Ayurveda recommends a Kapha pacifying diet, active lifestyle, exercise, energizing oil massage, meditation, pranayama, Kapha herbal remedies, and active nature walks.

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