Ayurveda is a vast body of health and medical knowledge and timeless healing wisdom passed down through generations both in the form of oral communication (in Sutras) and through written texts. Many of the ancient original Ayurvedic texts are lost. The oldest remaining ancient Ayurvedic text is the Charaka Samhita based on the writings of the great ancient sage and Ayurvedic physician, Charaka.

Today, Ayurveda is blossoming throughout the world and Ayurveda schools and colleges can now be found in virtually every major city.

Las Vegas Ayurveda offers a variety of private and group Ayurveda classes as well as workshops, seminars, and Ayurveda certificate training for those seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda.

More than merely a healing system, Ayurveda is a way of life. The benefit of a good fundamental working knowledge of Ayurveda will provide a valuable health and wellness resource to you and your loved ones throughout your life.

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